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Performing Umrah with Children or Infant  

The thought of performing Umrah with children may make you push your Umrah dates a little forward. This is a concern that we must address. Performing an Umrah with a child is not easy, particularly for the person who is primarily taking care of the child. It depends on the level of attention required. Infants need a lot of attention. Kids below 4 need some Attention too. So it can get difficult to handle. But if you plan well and understand what you can expect, you may manage it, and maybe you can work out a Plan.

Performing Umrah with the child is not very difficult. You may carry the kid or may walk them through the process. Let's plan. 

Our solution here is based on the assumption that every child has one individual caretaker at a given point in time. But it gets pretty hard if you have two or more kids with only a caretaker. Especially with the Crowd, and we don't recommend it. You may not be able to find any stranger to take care of your baby.

Lets figure out, What are difficulties you might go through during the Umrah with your Child.

  1. Children Running During prayers in congregation 
  2. Carrying kids during umrah
  3. Ihram Clothing
  4. Getting lost in the crowd
  5. Children getting hungry
  6. They may urinate and Poop

Children Running During prayers in congregation 

But praying in congregation and other acts of worship can get difficult, specially if the child runs here and there. But it is normal. You must be very careful when taking care of the kids in Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi. These are highly populated areas. So Always keep an eye on your kid. They may run away. 


You Might strap them to your hands. There are various types of Safety Walking Harness available, which you may use to keep your kids in check.

Carrying Kids 

baby carrier might be a useful asset for umrahbaby carrier

perform an Umrah independently. Their level of physical strength may not allow them to do so. So there might be a point you might need to carry them. So be prepared. Baby trollies are not Allowed inside Masjid Al haram. You have to either carry or order a wheelchair. There are wheelchairs available for rent in both masjids. If you decide to carry, you may carry with your hands or utilize a baby sling or baby carrier. This is the most convenient way. For males, wearing ihram is entirely permissible to wear bags with ihram clothing.

IHRAM for kids can be a Problem.

While your daughters can wear any modest Islamic clothes, But your sons IHRAM can annoy them.

According to Islamic scholars of most schools, scholars are strict on ihram clothing. it is to be understandable kids have to wear pampers to avoid urination or poops getting in contact with your clothes. Many parents or guardians underestimate the difficulties of ihram clothing for the child or think that they will be able to put up with them, then they find that the situation is not as they had thought it would be. 

Solution 1.
keep Niyyah on behalf of the child and wear him ihram clothes without diapers. You must be very careful. the only way for the child to complete the Umrah without expiation. which we don't recommend since its extremely hard. 

Solution 2.

If you keep niyyah on behalf of the child and wear him ihram clothes with diapers. You might have to pay expiation to atone for it. 

with regard to above action, 
The well-known view in our madhhab (Hanbali) is that he has to complete it, because Hajj and ‘Umrah must be completed once started. The other view, which is the madhhab of Abu Haneefah (may Allah have mercy on him) is that he does not have to complete it, because he is not accountable and is not obliged to do the obligatory duties of Islam. 

Solution 3.
Just Carry your child without making them perform Umrah. in this case he need not have to wear Ihram cloths. Highly Recommended. 

They might get lost in the crowd.
Always monitor your kids. If they are very small, you strap them to yourself. Male pilgrims strapping kids to themselves will not violate the rules of ihram. If not, it is highly recommended that you carry them. Try to avoid them walking in Mataf Area ( the area where Tawaf is performed).

They might get hungry.
You may carry a bag with food for the kids and maybe you can keep the milk as well. Please take water with you or at least a bottle that an infant can drink from. You can find Zamzam water throughout Masjid Al Nabawi and Masjid Al Haram. Kids get tired and hungry. There are no food stalls inside Masjid Al haram or Masjid an Nabawi. Please avoid taking food that smells. And take care of the mosque and don’t dirty it. Keep the house of Allah clean.

They may urinate and poop.
If your kid is too small, make sure you have enough pampers and changing kits ready. It’s like any other trip or picnic, expect what a baby or kid could do and be prepared for that.

When you are using wet wipes and things which are scented, make sure to avoid contact if you are in the state of IHRAM.

When praying behind Maakamu Ibrahim, make sure one look after the kids while the other prays. You might have to take turns here.

Safa Marwa Area is not as crowded as Mataf area. But if you find it crowded, go to the first or second floor because it’s less crowded since only a few people are aware of it yet.

If there is prayer fall in-between make sure someone takes care of the kids while the others pray.

If you are praying your prayers in a congregation, one person must watch out for kids. Make sure you compensate for that and be ready, whose going to take that role.

When cutting hair, it is the same rules as for the children as well. But cutting less or more in this may not make a big impact.

Regarding the feces (shit)  and urination (pee) of children, It is considered as najis ( impure). You must wash it, if you come in contact with it.
However, sprinkling water on the urinated area is sufficient for a boy who is only fed only breast milk.

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  • رضي الله عنه (Radhiallahu’ Anhu) - May Allah be pleased with him
  • عليه السلام (Alaihi Salam) - Peace be upon him

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