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Performing your Second Umrah - One more Umrah

Second Umrah? Once your first Umrah is done, you may want to perform another Umrah. Some people called it the second Umrah. Everyone out there wants to do one more thing Umrah, right ?. 

So how do we perform a second Umrah?

Article in short ..

You need to exit the haram boundary and enter though new to perform another Umrah from Makkah. The closest thing is to Masjid Al Tan'em, which is known as Aisha masjid. Its a 10 minutes ride. The taxi fare from Makkah is SAR 20 ( US$ 5.5) then a taxi. Not more than SAR 35 (US$ 10) for a 7 seater. You would clean yourself and start Umrah from the new which is Aisha mosque. 

The procedure to perform Umrah remains the same, no matter how many Umrahs you do. But since you are residing in Makkah now, you are already within the boundary of the Meeqat points. So you have to exit the haram boundary and start your Umrah from the new Meeqat point. So the closest Meeqat to Makkah is masjid al tan'em. Masjid Al Tan'em is also known as Aisha mosque or masjid e Aisha. 

Aisha masjid is masjid built at the place where Aisha (may Allah accept) mother of the believers assumed the state of ihram to perform Umrah. The mosque was built later with bathing facilities. It's not a very neat and tidy place. So those of you who are not looking to have a shower here. The men's' clothes are available for sale at the mosque premises.

So let me guide you to perform your second Umrah. 

The steps to perform your second Umrah. 

  1. Pack your ihram 
  2. Prepare and plan for ihram 
  3. Leave for Masjid Al Tan'em 
  4. Reach Masjid Al Tan'em 
  5. Assume the state of ihram 
  6. Recite Talbiyah 
  7. Leave for Makkah 
  8. Enter masjid Al haram 
  9. Perform Umrah


What to pack Pack for Umrah. If you want to wear cloth and wear you can take your cloths with you. And she whatever it takes to clean your self. 

Prepare a plan for Ihram

As in the above, some of you may not find the Aisha mosque clean enough to bathe. Therefore I advise the sisters, in particular, to clean your self in your hotel and leave for Aisha mosque. Then enter the state of ihram from Aisha mosque. 

Leave for masjid Aisha

Take A cab from Makkah to Aisha masjid. It's 10 minutes away from Masjid Al Haram. The taxi fare from Makkah is SAR 20 (US$ 5.5) then a taxi. Not more than SAR 35 (US$ 10) for a 7 seater. 

Do not pay more than that under any circumstances. 

Reach masjid al tan'em (Aisha mosque)

You can ask your taxi driver whether you can get ready to go to Makkah with him. There are times you can find it hard to find another taxi to go back to Makkah. 

Enter the state of Ihram

If you had already had a shower and worn ihram clothes. Keep Niyyat and enter the state of ihram. If not clean your self and enter the state of ihram. 

Recite Talbiyah

Start reciting count as follows 

Leave for Makkah 

Sit in the taxi or bus and start moving to Makkah while reciting the talk.

  1. Enter masjid Al haram 
  2. Enter masjid Al haram and start performing Umrah. 
  3. Perform tawaf 
  4. pray two nafls behind makkamu Ibrahim. 
  5. Perform sai
  6. Clip your hair.

Read this article to learn how to perform Umrah. 

You will start by entering masjid al-haram.

Rolling on the second Umrah

During the time of Prophet Mohammad,   they walk all the way from Madinah and only perform one Umrah. Therefore performing another Umrah while in Makkah was not the practice during the times of Prophet  ﷺ.

  • (ﷺ)- (salallahu Alai wasallam)- May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him
  • رضي الله عنه (Radhiallahu’ Anhu) - May Allah be pleased with him
  • عليه السلام (Alaihi Salam) - Peace be upon him

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