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How to perform Umrah in one day

How to perform Umrah in one day? Yeah, you read it right, Umrah In just one single day. I have been asked this question by many in forums. We know it is a busy world, people running out of time. They are finding it very hard to devote time for spirituality. Spirituality is not something you could gain in a rush. That's why i always recommend a very relaxed Umrah. 

In this article we will find out

  • How long will it take to perform an umrah
  • What to wear on your journey
  • How much will it cost?
  • Why do we need a hotel booking?

Performing an Umrah can change your life. Umrah had left that effect on a lot of pilgrims before. It could change the way you think and may improve your faith towards Allah.

It is always possible to perform Umrah in one day. No doubt about it. But you must prepare for it. Preparing is to having prepared the documents and having adequate knowledge to perform an Umrah. 

Don't worry, I am here to guide you.

About preparing for Umrah, check this article out.

To apply for visa check this article out

How to perform Umrah? Check this article out.

If you have already reach Makkah, from there, an Umrah can be performed in 2 hours times. Maximum even if you take proper rest and complete it, it may not take more than 6 hours. So let us see, what are the things we have to consider to plan a perfect "Umrah in a day".

First, let me break down the length of time you may require on the way to your Umrah. I will start from landing in Jeddah at the airport.

Clearing immigration
Jeddah Airport to Makkah hotel
Checking in the hotel and rest
Performing Umrah

4 hours
2 hours
1 hour
6 hours

The closest Airport to Makkah is at Jeddah. Clearing immigration at the Jeddah international Airport may take a long time. There are lots of passengers arriving every day. Therefore it might take up to 2 to 4 hours to clear immigration. 

t's appropriately 90 minutes drive to Makkah from Jeddah international airport. Ninety minutes is an average. So let's allocate 2 hours for that.

Checking in the hotel and just taking ablution can take you an hour long.

Performing an Umrah is very easy; it should not take you more than 3 hours. But if you rest or perform slowly, you may take up to six hours. 

Then you would get back to your hotel and go for your flight. You will be departing from Makkah before 4 hours of your flight's departure time. 

It will take you 18 hours for the whole process. In reality, it must not take you more than 12 hours. Plus your flying time could be your entire Umrah trip. You may do it on your weekend. The average duration of each event would look like this.

The itinerary for one day Umarh as follows.

We assume the flight touched down at 0000 midnight.


Flight touched down Jeddah
Cleared immigration
Reached hotel
Leave hotel for masjid Al haram
Done performing Umrah.
Leave hotel for Airport
Reached Airport
Flight departure

It took you 18 hours for the whole process. In reality, it must not take you more than 12 hours. Plus your flying time could be your entire Umrah trip.

I may do it on your weekend.  The average duration of each event would look like this.

Clear immigration

Reach hotel

Check in

Perform Umrah

Hotel again

Airport again

Flight departure

2 hours

1.5 hours

1 hour

3 hours

1 hour

1.5 hours

2 hours

That's only 12 hours to be exact. But we will keep another 50 Percent extra time, so we don't run out of time.

Well, now you must be having clear a mind about how much time it would take you to perform an Umrah. 

What do you wear 

As I mentioned before, you must arrive and depart from Jeddah international airport, which is the closest airport to Makkah.

I would advise you to wear ihram and keep Niyyat and enter the state of ihram before you arrive. Because you would have passed the Meeqat, so you will be arriving at Jeddah with the state of ihram when your Umrah is finished. You can change your clothes. So you can wear whatever is modest Islamically.  

How much will a one day Umrah cost?

Well, it will be the cost of flight tickets, transportation and your hotel booking. ( You will find out why do you require a hotel booking soon).

The cost of the ticket to Jeddah and back will depend on where do you fly. Not many airlines fly to Jeddah so you might have to take a transit flight. 

Example tickets from the USA cost you around USD1100.

Transportation will cost you. Let me break it down for you.

Jeddah to Makkah hotel 65 (maximum)

Makkah to Jeddah 45 (maximum )

The hotel will cost you around 100.

Why do you need a hotel booking?

There are two reasons for this. 

  1.  You may need to show your hotel bookings to the immigration authorities.
  2. You can't take your big bags into masjid Al haram and do Umrah. 

I advise you to book a hotel close by not very far. So you can save time and energy. Read my complete guide on hotel bookings.

  • Flight tickets 1100
  • Hotel 100
  • Transportation 110
  • Food 50
  • Visa 100
  • Clothing 40
  • Total 1400
  • (ﷺ)- (salallahu Alai wasallam)- May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him
  • رضي الله عنه (Radhiallahu’ Anhu) - May Allah be pleased with him
  • عليه السلام (Alaihi Salam) - Peace be upon him

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