Madinah to Makkah or  Makkah to Madinah -Transportation

Umrah can be performed without entering Madinah. But it's a nice feeling to go from makkah to Madinah and visit masjid al nabawi. masjid al nabawi is known as prophets’ mosque.You can go to madinah first and then go to makkah and perform umrah. In this case your journey will be from Madinah to Makkah.

Our beloved prophet (peace be upon him) (ﷺ) said 

A prayer in my mosque is a thousand times more excellent than a prayer in any other mosque, except Masjid al-Haram (Mosque of the Ka'ba).  

I have made Medina a sanctuary between its two (Harrat) mountains." The Prophet (ﷺ) went to the tribe of Bani Haritha and said (to them), "I see that you have gone out of the sanctuary," but looking around, he added, "No, you are inside the sanctuary."

O Allah! Bestow on Medina twice the blessings You bestowed on Mecca."

How Far is the journey from Makkah to Madinah (or madinah to makkah )

If you plan to take a flight the airport is at Jeddah. Going to Jeddah it self takes 90 mins. 70 mins boarding time and 60 mins flying time. Its 3 and a half hours journey. Taxi would cost you SAR150. And the flight fare is at least SAR150.

Makkah to Madinah is roughly a 5 hour and 30 mins journey by car. It might take around 6 hours if you are taking the bus. Bus stops in Makkah is at @SAR20 taxi fare. The bus Stop in Madinah is near jannathul baki.  

How are you planning to travel to Makkah from Madinah or vice versa? There are five obvious ways are to travel
Haramain high-speed rail (still under trials)

public transport.

Shared taxi

private vehicle/taxi 

Flight from Jeddah

Public transport is taking a SAPTCO bus.

SAPTCO also known as Saudi Arabia public transport company.

There are Saptco busses available from madinah to makkah and makkah to madinah. It's cost if the transport is around 60 SAR. But you have go to the SAPTCO bus stand. So where are the Saptco Bus stands.?

SAPTCO bus stand in Makkah Or SAPTCO Makkah

There are around 17 departures to madinah from Al haram makkah bus station.

Buses are scheduled at 01:00, 06:15, 06:45, 07:30, 08:30, 09:30, 11:00, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, 19:30, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00 and 23:59. Everyday. The journey takes roughly 6 hours.

Saptco bus stand in makkah is al haram bus stop.

SAPTCO bus stand in Madinah Or SAPTCO Madinah

There are around 16 departures from madinah to Al haram makkah bus station. Madinah to Makkah.

Buses are scheduled at 01:00, on the hour from 07:00 until 12:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:30, 17:30, 19:00, 20:30, 21:28, 23:00 and 23:59. Everyday. The journey takes roughly 7-8 hours.

Saptco bus stand in madinah is madinah bus station.


Taxi Form makkah to madinah

The other way is to travel through a shared taxi. It's SAR60 or SAR70 maximum per person traveling to Makkah. So calculate how many Pax and pay accordingly.  

If you book the whole car pay for the number of seats. Excluding the driver of course. For example, 
4-seater SAR 240-280
7-seater SAR 420-490

You have to bargain. Cos the taxis are not organized here. You must at least know the price range. 

Some taxi drivers demand for abnormal fare. I was asked 900 for a seven-seater. 

So just have an idea of how much it cost. Because the expat (foreign workers) live in Saudi Arabia do not pay anything more than SAR 50 for a person.

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