Jeddah Airport to Makkah - transportation guide

Well during hajj season, Saudi government will arrange special buses for the pilgrimer to go to Makkah. It is called the Mutawwif bus. During the hajj season only these buses are Allowed to take you to Makkah. Why? obviously to control the number of pilgrims. so the Masjid Al haram will not be over crowed.

before you leave the airport, its good to buy a mobile sim. check out my guide on the mobile sim package for umrah.

Jeddah international Airport to Makkah. its a 105km journey. it approximately takes 1 hour and 30 mins. You can find Taxis in front of the Arrivals Area at both terminals. The north terminal and the Hajj terminal. There will be no public bus Available for the public. The umrah travel agents will arrange a bus for the passenger who bought their packages.

jeddah international airport to makkah

but for the rest of the pilgrims there are 5 waysto go to makkah

There are 5 ways to go to Makkah.

  1. Prebooked or Reserved Llimousine
  2. Taxi Full fare
  3. Taxi- Shared taxi
  4. Taxi to Train Station and take the train.
  5. Taxi to Bus Station and take a bus.

First of all if you are traveling to Jeddah most you will be in the state of ihram. You have perform the umrah before you come out of ihram. So you need to be in mekkah as soon as possible. it is good if you reach meccah fast as possible.

Fastest way to get there is to book a limousine before you arrive. but its extremely expensive. it might cost around 400 to 700. its not economical at all. But its the fastest way.

Taking a cab/taxi is also a fastest way to reach meccah. but how about the cost?

Its best if you could pay 150. But not more than 250. you have to bargain. This is for the whole taxi. Ignore how many seats in the taxi. Because the reason for high price is there is not many taxis inside the airport. Not all people are informed about how much it will cost to reach Makkah form Jeddah.

The next option is to share a taxi.

Its not illegal to share a taxi. So be confident. before you enter find out where are the rest of the passengers are going. Find out about their hotels and be clear. Let the taxi driver know. The usual price per person is SAR35. Do not pay more than 30. 

The Saudi Government has announced its fast railways services. connecting Jeddah to Makkah and Madhina. Its Called the Haramain high Speed Railway network. The train Station are not far from the airport. Its a 20 mins Drive from the north terminal. So the taxi fare should not more than SAR30. A  maximum SAR40  But its 35 mins Far From the Hajj terminal. This would cost at least cost SAR40. do not out rule the option of sharing a taxi.if you share a taxi the the cost will be lower. I hope the Saudi government will make other arrangements to reach these terminals. InshaAllah

The railways station in Makkah is 15 mins drive frm the Makkah Clock tower. It will cost you at least SAR20.I have no information about the fare of the train. I will update soon. If any Of you know, please let us know.

If the above options are available and affordable. We do not need to discuss the fifth option. Fifth option is to take a Taxi to SAPTCO (Saudi Arabia Public Transport Company ) 

 bus station which is SAR30 and not more than SAR50. then take a bus to meccah. i have not tried this option. if anyone have please share your story.

The Conclusion.

I think the best of options out of All is to get a taxi to Makkah. Considering the fact you will be ihram and carrying a luggage. Please bargain. Get the best price. 

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