Purchasing a mobile connection during umrah

Mobile phones have become our part of life. Though our purpose is a pilgrim. The requirement to keep in touch with the outer world cant be ignored. Staying connected can help you keep in touch with your relative. It Helps you Call taxi drivers Laundry and relatives and your mates specially during in case of emergency. You can Also clear doubts by getting online if you have mobile data.

so purchasing a mobile connection during umrah can be decisive.We will look at what kind of packages we would need and the options available. 

If you are in KSA for Umrah you are not going to stay for more than 25 days. You are definitely need call minutes. You may need to call taxis friends or your agent. you need data too.but how much internet do you need?

If you have internet, You can use the browser and call or text using mobile application. While most hotels are equipped with good wifi it good to have moble data as well. 

Well in KSA skype, whatsapp and facebook calls are not blocked. So u can use them to call and stay connected with your home. Though i personally dont recommend to keep in touch with the outside world. i suggest you to Always have local active connection.

why should you not keep in toUch with ya family when ya in umrah.?

There are 3 mobile service oroviders in KSA. they are

  1. MOBILY.
  2. ZAIN.
  3. STC. ( saudi telecom corp)

i will list the relevant packages. you can choose one as for your requirement.(2018 JAN)



  • Setup Fees SAR 30
  • Initial Credit SAR 23.57
  • ‪Rates in SR‬
  • All local calls‬ 0.50 SR‬
  • International And Local SMS‬‪ 0.25 SR‬ International Calls‬ Starting from 0.55 SR‬ Line Validity‬  60 days‬


  • 150 MB available at extra  SR 5.
  • 500 MB available at extra SR 15. 
  • 1 GB available at extra SR 25
  • 2 GB available at extra SR 45

when you recharge you get 100% bonus.


Hala 19 Package (might not be available for Umrah visa holders)

Hala 19 gives you a low rate of 19 halala to all of your calls and SMS inside and outside Mobily network, a low rate of 15 halala for your DATA usage, and a low rate for international calls and SMS

Tariff Plan:

  • Setup Fees SAR 30‬ 
  • Initial Credit‬ SAR 23.57
  • Minutes (cross-net/on-net)19 halala International Minutes Starting from 0.55 SR‬ 
  • SMS (cross-net/on-net) 19 halala DataSAR 0.15/MB


Add on SR65 and enjoy 5GB of facebook, Wgatsapp, twitter, instangram snap chat YouTube in addition u get 2gb browsing data and 650 mobily minutes.


Add on SR120 and enjoy umlimited  facebook, Wgatsapp, twitter, instangram snap chat youtibe in addition u get 6GB browsing data & 1200 mobily minutes.



  • Setup Fees SAR 30
  • Initial CreditSAR 25
  • All local calls‬ 0.55 SR‬
  • International And Local SMS‬‪ 0.25 SR‬ International Calls‬ Starting from 0.55 SR‬ Line Validity‬  60 days‬


  • 200 MB available at extra SR 10
  • 400 MB available at extra SR 20
  • 1 GB available at extra SR 25
  •  2 GB available at extra SR 40
  • 5 GB available at extra SR 80
  • 10 GB available at extra SR 130

Note you get 2gb free date when you first time recharge.

Shabab prepaid

  • Sar 59 
  • 250 local minutes
  • 2 gb browsing data
  • 5gb social data


SAWA Like 65 package

  • 65 SAR
  • 500 mins stc calls
  • 2GB social data
  • 1GB mobile data 1GB wifi data

SAWA share 110 package

110 SAR

  • unlimited mins stc calls
  • 6GB social data
  • 3GB mobile data 3GB wifi data

The Sim Seller might ask your Original passports to get a local SIM. They require your finger print for a bio-metric registration. it will done at the merchants booth itself.

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