Umrah Visa Rules -The requirements and its conditions

Umrah visa is a visa issued by the government of Saudi Arabia only for the Muslim Applicants to perform the act of umrah only. Umrah is also spelled Omra.

You are not allowed to work or engage in business during your stay in Saudi Arabia with a Umrah visa.

Umrah visa is applied through Approved Travel agents. These agents are approved by the MOH Saudi Arabia. MOH stands for ministry of Hajj.

This visa is issued only on Umrah season for a period of 8 months. From the Islamic month of muhharram to Ramadhan. No Visa Application will be accepted after 15th of Ramadan. You are not Allowed to stay there on or after 1st of shawwal which the Eid festival day.

The Makkah facilities will be cleaned and the maintenance work will be carried out to prepare for hajj during the next months. Therefore there will no visa issued for the month of shawwal and the following month. The visas to be issued that month will be for the hajj. it will be issued under quota basis for every country. This Quota is issued by the government of Saudi Arabia.  

Validity of the Umrah visa

The visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. It is advisable to enter within the expiry date. Arrange flights accordingly. If you are traveling from West of Saudi Arabia remember the Saudi time is ahead of you.

Duration of stay

The visa is valid for 30 days. Though it is written allowed to stay 30 days from the date you land, it is advisable not to stay more than 20 days. Overstaying in Saudi Arabia is a punishable act. If you overstay you may face trouble in getting a visa in the future.

Note: The visa for Umrah in Ramadan cannot exceed the last day of Ramadan. You should leave Saudi Arabia by the end of Ramadan and cannot have Eid-ul-Fitr there.


You are not Allowed to engage in any business or employment with an umrah visa.

Enter before the visa expire.

Exit before the visa expire ( it's best not to stay more than 20 days).

Ladies are advised to exit with their mahram or the travel group.

Umrah Visa for women

Woman folks below 45 years old are not eligible for an umrah visa without a Marham. You must Apply for a visa with your Marham. Marham can be your father, brother or husband.

Woman who are more than 40 years old can apply for a visa alone provided that she will travel with travel agency in a group.

woman folks must enter and exit with the mahram.

How to Apply for a umra visa?

It is possible to get Umrah visa without the package. These visas are generally Applied thorough travel agents. I have not heard of anyone who had directly applied to the embassy of Saudi Arabia. If you had done it please let us know.

Steps to be followed..

  1. Check the list of required documents.
  2. Get an appointment for the fingerprint/biometric registration.
  3. Get your self vaccinated with meningitis/umrah vaccine and have a proof.
  4. Collect documents and submit to the travel agency.

Documents to apply through an Agent

  1. Original passports with the validity more than 6 months. ( Passport should not expire within 6 months from the date of your arrival) 
  2. If your name is not Arabic you might need to get a letter from local masjid to prove that you are a Muslim. (this is to prove that you are a Muslim in case you are revert (convert) or you have a native name).
  3. If you are applying from a country other than the country your passport belongs to, have must have residence visa or a long term visa in that country and it should be valid for more than three months. 
  4. ID card from the country you Apply.
  5. NOC from the company you are employed.
  6. You must get umrah Vaccination and have certificate of it. it should have been done in not less than 10 days and not more than 3 years.It's meningitis vaccination. Know more about meningitis here.
  7. Receipt of your finger print/ biometrics from the embassy or authorised body.
  8. Single ladies are not allowed unless they are 45 years  old and above and travel with an agency with a NOC from a  mahram.
  9. Marriage Certificate / Birth Certificate for ladies (Wife mother or sister) and children  who is traveling under a male mahram.
  10. Two Passport sized photograph.
  11. Flight ticket.
  12. Hotel bookings.

Submit these documents to your travel agent. They will guide you.

Your travel agent will charge you for the above visa.

Some countries MOH offer online visas where as the other countries have stickers pasted in the passport visa page.

Umra visa fees or charges

If you are wondering what is the price of a visa for Umrah. The answer is roughly around US$ 100. It's the maximum you must pay. During Ramadan the charges might go another 25 percentage higher. Do not pay more than US$ 125.The cost of the visa must be added to your budget. 

Repeat Umrah fees SAR 2000 is removed

Now you can perform Umrah as many as you like. Previously there was repeat Umrah visa fees of SAaR2000 was charged if you are seeking for a second Umrah Visa within 24 months of your last Umrah visa.

Updated 09/09/2019


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