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How to Perform Umrah from Madinah

You must know how to Perform Umrah from Madinah if you are visiting Madinah first. I personally recommend to Arrive in Madinah and then to Makkah. Madinah is the city loved by our beloved Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ). You will be amazed by the peace you find in Madinah.

Performing Umrah is a simple concept. But you have to understand it. One of the main principles is to enter the state of ihram before passing the Meeqat point. In this event, the Meeqat point for Madinah is Dhul Hulayfah. This is precisely where the Bir Ali Mosque or masjid Bir Ali is located. So, you must enter the state of ihram before passing this point. Read here about Bir Ali Masjid.

Only the Meeqat point changes depending on the place where you start your Umrah. The Umrah procedures will remain the same. Check out this article to know how to perform Umrah.

So, let us get down to an actual scenario. Let us Assume you have arrived in Madinah and been there for a few days. Now you want to perform Umrah.

You will need to do the following steps.

  • Enter the state of ihram
  • Enter the Meeqat point 
  • Perform Tawaf 
  • Perform Saiee (saee)
  • Cut your hair 

Planning the Umrah

First, you must plan the Umrah. How are you going to execute it? Make sure your transportation is sorted out. Read the Madinah to Makkah transportation guide here. Now it is the time to enter the state of ihram.

Enter the state of ihram.

First Once should have spiritual cleanness. Then you must have physical cleanness. To attain spiritual cleanliness, you must seek complete repetency from the sins you have committed. There are two kinds of sins. 

  1. Sins between yourself and Allah 
  2. Sins which caused injustice to other humans

Sins between you and Allah can be a sin which Allah had prohibited you. You must ask for complete forgiveness from Allah for these kinds of sins. And you shall not intent to involve in such sins anymore. You must completely repent from these sins.

If you have caused injustice to others or if you have beaten or hurt someone with words, you must first seek forgiveness from that person. Allah, may not forgive you unless that person is not forgiven you.

Physical Cleanness 

Having a physical cleanness is to clean yourself physically. Cut your nails and pubic hair, trim your beard. Have a good clean shower and apply attar (nonalcoholic perfume) on your body. Not body only you are not allowed to apply on the clothes. 

After Purifying/cleaning yourself wear ihram clothes. It is a very specific clothes for men. A woman can wear any cloth, which is modest. But women are not allowed to cover face and hands below the wrist. 

Keep the NIyyat for Umrah.

nawaithul umrata wa ahramtu biha lillahi ta'ala.

Enter the Meeqat point

Once you pass the Meeqat, your umrah starts, you must start reciting the Talbiyah as follows.

labbaik Allahumma labbaik, labbaik la sharika laka labbaik innal hamda wa ni'mata laka wal mulk laa shareeka lak

You must recite Talbiyah till you reach the Masjid Al haram. First, you will be checking in your hotel room. Do not do anything that breaks your ihram. You may rest if you want to. But I advise you to finish Umrah. Shaitaan will try to make you feel lazy.

Once you are ready to take ablution walk towards masjid al-haram. Do not forget to recite Talbiyah till you reach masjid al-haram.  

Perform Tawaf 

Men open your right shoulders and walk energetically through the first three rounds. 

Once you enter the masjid Al haram, look for the Hajr al Aswad corner to start your tawaf. Perform tawaf. You might need to check out how to perform umrah article. 

Finish tawaf by walking around Kaaba 7 times. Start from Hajr al Aswad corner and finish the same place. 

Perform Saiee (saee)

Once you are done with the tawaf, you might need to drink Zamzam water. After drinking Zamzam water approach to Safa mountain end to perform Saiee. There will be an area lighted in bright green, where men have walked faster in that area.

Your Saiee will start from mount Safa and finish at mount Marwa. You have walk-in between Safa Marwa 7 times. 

So your laps will be like

  • Lap 1 Safa to Marwa 
  • Lap 2 Marwa to safa
  • Lap 3 Safa to Marwa 
  • Lap 4 Marwa to safa 
  • Lap 5 safa to marwa 
  • Lap 6 Marwa to safa
  • Lap 7 safa to marwa 

Cut your hair 

Once you are done with the Saiee, you have to cut your hair to complete your Umrah. Woman need to trim slightly around one inch from the end of their plait. Where men have to shave the head or cut the hair short. Shaving the hair is more acceptable. 

  • (ﷺ)- (salallahu Alai wasallam)- May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him
  • رضي الله عنه (Radhiallahu’ Anhu) - May Allah be pleased with him
  • عليه السلام (Alaihi Salam) - Peace be upon him

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