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Meaning of Umrah

What's the meaning of umrah is the question asked many, the Muslims and non-muslims. 

Umrah or Omra is an Arabic word. The direct translation is "to visit a populated place".

In Islam, Umrah is an act of worship. Umrah is performed at masjid al-haram in mecca. 

Unlike Hajj, which is a mandatory act for Muslim who can afford it, umrah is not a Farld. Umrah is a sunnah FArld means compulsory, and sunnah means an act of worship performed by the prophet (ﷺ).

The difference between umrah and haj is that. Haj is performed only in a specific month in the Islamic calendar. It is the month of Dhul haj.

Umrah can be performed throughout the year.

To complete an Umrah.

These are the main steps to complete an Umrah.

  • Clean your self
  • Niyyat 
  • Enter the state of ihram
  • Perform tawaf
  • Perform sai
  • Clip off hair

One should have a Niyyat or an intention

A person should enter the state of ihram before miqat. State of ihram is to get clean physically by showering cutting nails and cleaning and spiritually by repenting. A woman can wear anything modest while not allowed to cover the face. Men have to wear two pieces of instilled material. 

Miqat is boundary specified in the Islamic law where one should be in the state of ihram to perform an umrah. One should enter the state of ihram before miqat. 

  • Perform tawaf around Ka'aba -Is to walk seven rounds around Ka'aba anticlockwise.
  • Perform sai from mount Safah to Marwah- Is walk/run across Safah Marwah 7 times.
  • Clip hair for the woman pilgrim and shave the hair for men.
  • And this should be performed in order. 

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 (ﷺ) - (salallahu Alai wasallam)- Peace be upon him (PBUH)

رضي الله عنه (Radhiallahu’ Anhu) - May Allah be pleased with him

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